The Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM) plays a significant role as the premier professional body responsible for matters concerning taxation in this country. It is obliged to ensure that its members are well informed in the conduct of their tax practices.

Towards this end, the Public Practice Committee (PPC) of CTIM has been formed to carry out specific tasks.

Terms of Reference

  1. To provide effective representation at dialogues with the Government authorities on public practice issues faced by members and the tax practitioners in the country.
  2. To recommend to the Government effective proposals to enhance the development of the tax profession in the country, including the review of tax agent licensing procedures, so as to promote certainty, clarity and transparency in the matter, and simplification of the licensing process.
  3. To issue professional public practice information circulars to members on a timely basis, and to issue guidance notes and other relevant publications on public practice when necessary.
  4. To recommend a code of best practices for members, with a view to assisting them in dealing with the clients and authority professionally as well as ethical issues faced in their practice.
  5. To review the criteria for the issuance of the Public Practice Certificate and organisation of the one-day Public Practice Certificate Course for new applicants.
  6. To identify issues pertaining to the management of a public practice i.e. risk management, revenue and cost management, staff recruitment and retention etc.

 Term: 2019-2020

Chairman                  :    Mr Zen Chow Tuck Him

Members                   :   Mr Lai Shin Fah @ David Lai

                                       Mr Koong Lin Loong

                                       Mr Thenesh Kannaa

                                       Dr Zulfahmy Bin Ibrahim


Co-Opted                   :   Mr Choo Ah Kow

                                       Mr Jalbir Singh Riar 

                                       Mr Jesu Dason

                                       Ms Kellee Khoo Kee Lee

                                       Mr Kenny Chong Thian Poh

                                       Mr Lam Weng Keat

                                       Ms Viviana Lim

                                       Mr Wong Seng Chong