Compliance & Operations Working Group (COWG)



The COWG is one of the working groups of the Technical Committee-Direct Taxation (I) [TC-DT (I)].

It plays a major supportive role for the TC-DT (I), particularly in the light of recent developments in compliance and operations practices.

Terms of Reference

  1. To provide effective representation at dialogues with Government authorities on direct tax issues faced by members, the business community and the public at large.
  2. To recommend to the Government proposals for the review of tax policies, tax administration and other fiscal changes so as to promote certainty, clarity and transparency, as well as proposals to simplify the taxation system.
  3. To issue tax information circulars to members on a timely basis and to issue guidance notes and other relevant technical publications when necessary.
  4. To consider matters affecting tax practitioners.


Term: 2020-2021

    Chairman  Mr Mohd Noor Bin Abu Bakar

Mr K Sandra Segaran

Ms Leow Mui Lee

Mr Nicholas Anthony Crist

Mr Zen Chow Tuck Him




Ms Carol Eng Hooi Ling 
Ms Heather Khoo
Ms Julie Thong
Mr Ken Noorzlan Khamis