Technical Committee - Direct Taxation (I) [TC-DT (I)]



The Technical Committee-Direct Taxation (I) is one of the key committees of CTIM

To assist the TC-DT (I) in the execution of its duties, the Committee constitutes various working groups as and when required. These working groups deal with tax compliance and operations matters, public rulings, tax audits and tax investigations and other technical aspects.

Terms of Reference

  1. The TC-DT (I) shall be responsible for all direct tax issues related to Income Tax, but excluding issues related to Stamp Duty, Real Property Gains Tax, Petroleum Income Tax, Labuan Income Tax & other matters relating to Labuan, Promotion of Investments Act 1986 & other tax incentives (eg MSC, Bionexus) and issues under the purview of Securities Commission and Bank Negara. 
  2. To provide effective representation at dialogues with Government authorities on tax issues faced by members, the business community and the public at large.
  3. To recommend to the Government proposals for the review of tax policy, tax administration and other fiscal changes so as to promote certainty, clarity and transparency as well as to simplify the taxation system.
  4. To issue tax information circulars to members on a timely basis and to issue guidance notes and other relevant technical publications when necessary.
  5. To consider matters affecting tax practitioners and meet members to understand their requirements.

Term: 2020-2021



Mr Thenesh Kannaa

Mr Steve Chia Siang Hai




Mr Chow Chee Yen

Mr Chong Mun Yew

Mr Lai Shin Fah @ David Lai

Ms Leow Mui Lee

Mr Mohd Noor Abu Bakar

Mr Nicholas Anthony Crist

Mr K Sandra Segaran

Mr Soh Lian Seng

Mr Zen Chow Tuck Him




Mr Beh Tok Koay


Ms Carol Eng Hooi Ling


Mr Daniel Woo


Ms Ng Say Guat


Ms Phan Wai Kuan


Ms Sharon Yong