Composition of the Committee


Chairman Yeo Eng Ping
Member K. Sandra Segaran 
Co-Opted Members

Prof Dr Jeyapalan Kasipillai
S. Saravana Kumar
M. Silverranie 
Dr Nakha Ratnam  
Venkataraman Ganesan
Thenesh Kannaa 
Kenneth Yong Voon Ken 
Tan Hooi Beng 
Lavindran Sandragasu                                                                              


To consider all matters pertaining to the editorial policies of the journal so that the technical quality of the journal continues to be enhanced and is benchmarked to other similar reputable tax journals worldwide.
To improve the quality of the journal by soliciting well-researched technical articles.
To ensure that all articles submitted are placed through a stringent vetting process to determine suitability for publication.
To monitor the production process so that the journal is released on a timely basis.
To increase the circulation and subscriber base of the journal at all times.
To generate advertising revenue to make the journal self-sufficient eventually.