TERM 2019/2020


Ms Farah Binti Rosley (President)

Mr. Chow Chee Yen (Deputy President)

Ms. Phan Wai Kuan

Mr. Koong Lin Loong

Mr. Lai Shin Fah @ David Lai

Terms of Reference 

  1. To consider and recommend to the Council major long-term objectives and overall policy of the Institute.

  2. To recommend changes to the structure and composition of the Institute.

  3. To review the Institute’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.

  4. To consider matters affecting the Institute and its members which are urgent in nature and outside the terms of reference or jurisdiction of any committee.

  5. To ensure proper implementation of the policies of the Council and its committees and to provide direction where necessary.

  6. To consider the recommendation and reports of the Executive Director relating to human resources, administration

      and financial matters of the Institute.